APP: Fruit factory project

In addition to my chosen themes for my APP projects, we have now received our given compulsory project which to help create some sort of campaign to reduce the amount of waste expenses that occurs when working within a fruit factory.

As graphic designers, we have been put into groups in order to brainstorm ideas for what sort of messages we want to get across to employees in order to reduce fruit waste within the fruit factories. In the case of my group, we have considered encouraging a ‘Reward system’ to be included for the factory workers while taking low costs into account. So far we think that the main issue is workers not feeling motivated to do their jobs to the best of their ability, which can’t be blamed since the majority of the factory work is non-skilled labour-intensive activities such as slicing off strawberry tops all day. The jobs themselves are nothing special but the workers still play important roles for ensuring the well-being of our fruit packaging, yet the employees are paid minimum wage. When it comes down to it, our group is settling with the belief that the factory workers should at least be more appreciated for their hard work. Now even though we don’t have control over how much money the workers should earn we can at least attempt something with this reward system idea with the intention of giving the works more motivation towards their jobs.

We have therefore considered the following reward ideas so far, while keep the cost to a minimum:

  • ‘Wall of fame’
  • Radio/music
  • Celebrate birthdays of employees
  • Thank-you cards

Further work on this is to be continued…


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