Fruit factory: Individual project

After all the ideas were pitched to Prepworld we have all been tasked to produce work individually, while creating our own work we are currently allowed to take inspiration from other groups as well as our own.

In my case as I have decided to create a version of a ‘Wall of fame’ that our group came up with in order to motivate the workers to reduce waste while they work.



My idea so far is to make a wall of fame that inspired by the ‘Cool wall’ from Top Gear- but the whereabouts of where an employee would be on the board will depend on how much or how little fruit is wasted. New employees will start in the centre and the aim is get as far to the left as possible to remain a ‘Wastebuster’, whereas any waste that the employee causes will move them further to the right of the board as a ‘Wastemaker’.

I will most likely re-use my illustration for the Wastebusters logo as well as creating a new design for this wall design, which will include illustrations of a fresh fruit on one side and a destroyed one on the other to emphasise what it means to be where the employee is on the board.


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