Fruit factory project feedback & evaluation

My group ‘Wastebusters’ has currently finished pitching all of our ideas to our clients. In comparison we all have somewhat similar ideas that all involve use of a visually appealing wall. One of the main criticisms for my own idea was the risk of ‘shaming’ individuals for not working well as my wall idea displays a division between ‘Wastebusters’ and ‘Wastemakers’ depending on their performance at work. Therefore a better alteration of the ranking system would be to not have a ‘red zone’ but perhaps just an ‘unranked’ area to avoid penalising employees for not working to the best of their ability.

With this feedback received, I should consider being more sensitive towards intended audiences when I create future work.

The design for my logo has also been positively received.




In terms of the sustainability of this project I designed in a way that it would remain reusable for along period of time, by having the wall function as a ranking system it allows interactivity upon its usage and is therefore capable of long usage. As opposed to a still image with no interactive function there’s the risk that it could go out of date over a prolonged period of time.

While there is nothing directly offensive in my design, I felt that it has been less considerate of ethical implications. While the design would do it’s job to encourage workers to not waste  fruit, anyone who fails to do this would be at an unfair disadvantage as my design inadvertently shames them with its labeled divisions of ‘Wastebusters and ‘Wastemakers’.

While my technical skills in creativity has improved overtime, I should still exercise sensibility when carrying out my designs in order to be a more socially conscious designer in the future.

Targets for improvement 

  • Be more sensitive to be a more socially conscious designer
  • Continue to exercise sustainability in future designs



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