Project feedback/Unintentional composition

After having a recent tutorial with my tutor upon finishing my ‘heroes’ project, I have learnt that I have been taking a considerable amount of artistic composition into account without realising it, not just with my current project with my character profiles but with past work as well without realising it.

I have notably made use of triangle compositions which is commonly used in classic artwork and photography, resulting in balanced composition coming out of most of my work.


Here are some examples of my work that has these triangle compositions present within them-




The significance of these triangular compositions, intentional or not, is that it helps direct the eyes of the viewers to specific areas of the image as you look at it. When used to good effect you can direct viewers to notice things that could be happening in the image as well as showing artistic elements. As most of this is mostly unintentional on my part, these artistic results are likely due to the fact that I draw on a regular basis to gradually refine my work.

On the whole, I have learnt how the positioning of objects and characters in general can help influence the direction of viewer attention, which is also present in my current works…


In this character profile for example, I have inadvertently taken advantage of the anthropomorphic art style and used the character’s body language to direct the viewer’s attention towards the highlights of the picture. This was achieved by the way I have drawn her tail as if to emphasise the viewer’s attention in a downward motion towards the character’s expressions and personal quotation.


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