APP:’A short story’- Production report 1

I am currently underway in illustrating the script for the beginning of Obliteration. Like with my previous major project, I my first priority was to storyboard the comic before jumping straight into making the real thing. The main difference here is that I’ll be working more closer with the script since there is more spoken dialogue to illustrate.

The short story that I’m currently illustrating will take place before the events of the comic that I made for my previous final major project ‘Obliteration Preview’. I still consider this project to be part of the preview and I intend to include this project, future comic projects and the past FMP to compile together as a more complete comic to serve as a preview to my story Obliteration.

Here are my current storyboards which I made while referring to the script-

Now here’s the first page that’s currently in progress-


As usual, the storyboards are crudely drawn to speed up production, but drawn well enough for me personally to understand what’s going on.

To summarise- I refer to the script when creating the storyboards and I refer to the storyboards when creating the comic.



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