APP ‘A short story’ Production report 4

sb-warbeast-battlefront3page3Script and dialogue for this page:

Shelby observes her plane which is riddled with bullet holes yet barely flyable. Among the squadron everyone else has taken some form of damage except for their most valued pilot Sylvia and their leader Claudia. Sylvia exits her untouched fighter, followed by Roza who’s plane is in the same condition as Shelby’s.

Roza: Nice to see that you permanently want your plane to look like a hangar queen but I don’t think a real warrior is complete without battle scars.


Saya: Sylvia’s saved us more times than every Xikaeda we’ve taken down. Do you mean to tell us that’s not heroic enough to you? 

Roza: I’m just simply pointing out that we’ve all equally served in the military and we all happen to have some kind of harsh souvenir to bring back. Shelby’s been shot, you’ve been stabbed, Claudia’s got a piece of shrapnel in her and I’ve been fucking dismembered. Yet why does Sylvia still get to walk around without a scratch that I know of-

Claudia: Life’s unfair I’m afraid, deal with it. 


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