APP ‘A short story’ Production report 5


Character colouring currently in progress.


I started working on the last panel before working on the panel before that, as I assumed that drawing the zoomed out view of their surroundings would be more challenging since I don’t consider background drawing to be my strength. But under the creative practice that I’m using I managed to create it quicker than I thought thanks to the use of convenient brush strokes and shading & lighting effects.

It’s not uncommon for digital artists to make use of lighting in this manner but it’s especially useful even for people who aren’t the best at drawing as it gives objects a better sense of form and it can enhance the mood of a scenario. I also design backgrounds differently compared to how I draw characters and objects, I usually create sketchy images to be traced over but with the exception of using the storyboard for reference, I am developing a habit of drawing scenery straight away with brush strokes, colours and shading. In other words I tend to draw more loosely when I create rural backgrounds, which I’d say is fitting for the natural creation of nature, whereas it would make more sense to be more technical when drawing something man-made.


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