APP ‘A short story’ Production report 9

Next storyboard to illustrate:

sb-warbeast-battlefront5Dialogue to include upon completion:

Claudia: Okay, bad news first- Shelby, it’s been confirmed that your friend Riley will be joining us today. 

Shelby: Shit…

Roza:…You know they could’ve just sent him home if he wasn’t cut out for combat, right? 

Claudia: Well he was most insistent that he would do his part to help protect Blackthorn from the Xikaeda. These were his words- “I’ve had it with fantasising about kicking ass or reading about it in comics or seeing it in movies, I want to see the real thing! I know that I’m apparently useless with a gun, but they hardly gave me a chance to drive a tank! I reckon if they just skipped the training on me and just put me straight into a tank, I guarantee that I’ll be useful!” 

Roza: We’re allowing a wanna-be geek to join Warbeast?

Claudia:  It’s in our contract to accept anyone regardless of combat experience.

Shelby: And what’s the good news?

An armoured truck arrives and a grey cat carrying a crate approaches the squad.

Claudia: Well… Our airforce is loosing morale because more pilots are dying after each mission…And we could potentially become the only force left to fight off the air raids, but…

Van: But you’ve got an unlimited supply of planes, weapons and ammunition. Oh, and you’ve now got these! 

Van breaks open the crate which is full of assault rifles

Shelby: Shit, bro! The United Allied Federation get the latest toys while we fight with shit that my grandpa used. 

Saya: You know Claudia, Van could help refine your way of delivering “good news”. 

Van: If we’re dug in a shitty situation then you might as well learn take a look at shit from the most attractive angle. Because if anyone of us could potentially be a goner the next day then you might as well enjoy the hell out of whatever life we have left eh? Now how about we test these babies out while Shelby fetches the new guy?


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