APP ‘A short story’ Production report 10


In order to avoid overshooting the deadline, I took some influences to how Raymond Briggs’ graphic novel Ethel and Ernest deals with laying out plentiful dialogue between characters, without having to draw too many panels.


In my case extra panels with characters means extra time needed to draw characters numerous times. With this technique of laying out text without speech bubbles and extra panels in use, I can save time. I also find it to be a beneficial solution to drawing multiple panels all depicting similar emotions and poses with little changes.

The dialogue here has also been altered slightly in comparison to the original script: The character Roza appears to misuse the term ‘queer’ even though she’s not homophobic but in reality the word also just means ‘abnormal’ or ‘unusual.’ In the setting of Obliteration though, it is going through a transitional phase of implicating political correctness within society due to growing ethnical diversity and mixing of species in their world populated by anthropomorphic animals. This is a much welcomed change to the younger generation but some are still struggling to adjust to this sudden change. This is more or less reflecting our own world but also hints on questioning if you can exercise too much political correctness and that derogatory terms should not always be taken to heart.


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