APP ‘A short story’ Production report 11

7th page completed, 8th page currently in production:


More dialogue to be included on the next page:

Saya: I appreciate your help but I don’t want you taking unnecessary risks for us.

Van: Don’t worry about that… I even managed to borrow some extra rations, smokes and even some drinks… Judging by the expensive watch and shoes that were in the crate that I found them in, I think it was more than worth it!

Saya: Van, I am deeply ashamed of you for taking more than you needed…

Van: Yeah well, if the Feds aren’t going to get off their asses to help me get my sister back then they can at least let us help ourselves to some gadgets that’ll help me get her back sooner…

The grey cat character who appears here belongs to a friend who I’ve known since joining DeviantArt back around in 2007, known by his username



He has given me permission to use his character ‘Van’ in my story along with another one who’s yet to appear.


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