Advanced Professional Practice Evaluation/Reflection

Upon completion of my projects for my APP, I have used my graphic novel project to complete my selected themes ‘Heroes’ and ‘A short story’. For my Heroes project I created a series of character profiles for the protagonists of my story, whereas I illustrated a piece of my graphic novel for the Short Story project.

To recap on what the story for my graphic novel Obliteration is about, it’s more or less my interpretation on the opinion that an alien invasion might be the only way to unite a divided world. As well as a reflection of some other philosophical thoughts such as whether or not we’re making a valid effort to be as peaceful as we can be, as well as exercising too much radicalised beliefs over common sense to name a few. So in this case, Obliteration is set in an alternate retro-futuristic world where an extra terrestrial force known as the ‘Xikaeda Plague’ has forced the world to unite after multiple world wars. This is where the story is set to focus on “Warbeast Battlefront”, a squad of soldiers based in Britain serving as a recon division (scouting group) for the military to serve as cannon fodder.

So I illustrated my characters in the form of character profiles to cover the theme of Heroes. These were made with a made-up client in mind who needed a designer to illustrate some character bios written up by the author, at the very least include a single full body image of each character. I created this project with a mix of Illustrator and SAI to draw the characters and create the typography and other vector graphics. Since these characters were to be used in a story, this was where I decided to tie in the story of Obliteration with this project to cover ‘A short story’.

I illustrated the first page of script-writing of Obliteration in the form of a graphic novel, with combined help of the script and storyboards to create each page. In my previous project where I also made a comic I refined my skills in character and aircraft design, with this one I have gradually developed new skills in creating scenery at high speed, especially after realising the effective use of lighting and shading to enhance objects and atmosphere in a more convincing way. As with pervious recent works, everything is created digitally but with the help of a drawing tablet I managed to retain a hand-drawn feel to my illustrations while occasionally blending a little photography which is later edited to match the art style for my comic.

Throughout my project I’d consider one of my strengths to be being able to work at high speed and maintaining high quality to meet the deadline. In some ways I think my concerned awareness of a looming deadline motivated me to work up to speed.  However just for this occasion I used a more basic printing process to print these comics due to how short they are, but I intend to use a proper printing process for my upcoming FMP where I intend to print a larger comic in multiple copies to hand out in the upcoming exhibition.

Another personal take I got from this is to simply have passion in what you create above all else, to turn hard work into a labour of love.




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