Future of design/Final major project

After completion of my advanced professional practice project my next step for me is to prepare for my Final Major Project. A particular source of research that could potentially inspire ideas for my could be an upcoming trip to Design Museum, in which it will cover designing for the future as one of the themes.

This brought up discussions on where we might see ourselves as designers in about 10 years time. In my case I considered the following design specialities that I hope to get into later on:

  • Storyboarding
  • Book cover design
  • Working at Demon studio, a group that specialises in creating design concepts, illustrations and storyboards in advertising.
  • Creating my graphic novel and hopefully publishing it.
  • Book illustration

We’ve also been asked to consider reasons for why design could change in the future and what roles this could lead us to as aspiring designers. My thought in particular is the potential for design to become more accessible to more people thanks to advancement in technology.

While discussing themes of design in the future, as well as pessimistic side of things to happen in the future such as dealing with wicked problems such as climate change, this brought up some personal ideas for themes that I would like to explore while continuing to work on my graphic novel Obliteration, which is likely to contribute towards a final major project…

In Obliteration, these extra terrestrial invaders known as the Xikaeda that I created are a reflection of my side of pessimistic thoughts towards too much technological advancement. While I am strongly in favour of technology being used to benefit health care, saving the environment and other good things, my concern is that if it becomes obsessed with too much to the point of being misused, it could potentially backfire against us. This is the case for the Xikaeda in which they brought a disaster on themselves while advancing technology to discover dimensional travel, where they inadvertently opened a portal to a hostile world that how now ravaged their own planet. With resources to fight back these creatures becoming increasingly scarce in their world, they are forced to invade earth and take its resources as a last ditch effort to fight back the invasion in their own world, eliminating anything that would get in their way in the process.

Therefore one of the potential messages that I would like Obliteration to give out is to raise awareness for the dangers of taking technology too far into the wrong direction.


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