Design Museum-NEW OLD/Design Maker User

Since the future is constantly  evolving and being re-imagined, the future of the evolution of design is no exception.


I have recently visited the Design Museum to find some sources of inspiration for my Final major project and to see some exhibitions that showcase a collection of evolutions in designs for technology, from typewriters to personal computers to portable radios to iPods and so on.


Design Maker User

“Designer Maker User features almost 1000 items of twentieth and twenty-first century design viewed through the angles of the designer, manufacturer and user, including a crowdsourced wall. The exhibition covers a broad range of design disciplines, from architecture and engineering, to the digital world, fashion and graphics. Designer Maker User features a bold, colourful and engaging display designed by Studio Myerscough, with digital interactives by Studio Kin.”

Here I took an expansive look at recent evolutions of user-specific designs in the technology that we have used through out the 21st century. As of now I currently plan to continue my work for Obliteration for my FMP and I believe that this exhibition is especially relevant to help me define the world that Obliteration is set in by knowing what levels of technology to include and what not to;

Obliteration is set in a retro-futuristic world inspired by the early 50s, so it would be set in a time where innovative advancements in communication, transport and user devices are starting to boom. I therefore considered looking at relatively new devices at their time such as classic television sets which is now an everyday occurrence in every household these days and I intend to take influences from their design styles when creating my own versions for the world of Obliteration.


While taking a look at the evolution of electronic devices throughout the early 80s to the late 90s, I have considered creating my own version of some sort of computer game devices to reflect on the recent advancement on military tech where some of the perks of these devices found leisure uses in the civilian world. These are what I currently plan to call “Radar games” as opposed to video games, because these devices will supposedly be created with radar equipment, before everything was created mostly with the aid of computers.


One personal take I got from this exhibit on ‘Good’ design was not only the moral responsibilities of designers but also the fact that even within atrocious man-made events that is war and conflict, humanity at least still has the courtesy to create simple inventions to counter this even just a little.


In relevance to my FMP I want my story Obliteration to reflect on themes of moral responsibilities of not only designers but inventors of any sort: The alien force that invades earth in Obliteration reflects that for the fact that they have inadvertently misused their technological innovations to come close to digging their own graves, leaving them to invade earth for our resources to help them attempt to reverse their own disaster out of desperation in the story.


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