Obliteration comic notes and dialogue

During my break I found some time to write up some extra notes for my story Obliteration. This is a frequent action that I take whenever I have any new ideas for the story, character development and dialogue. In relation to my FMP my current plans are to continue where my past project left off which is to serve as an introduction to the characters. In addition to this though I am also hoping to illustrate certain scenarios that would take place later in the story, in order to express philosophical matters and potential life problems that’s somewhat related to discussions during design tutorials with my tutors. This includes ‘wicked problems’, ‘good’ design and design moralities to name a few. Because while Obliteration is intended to be action-packed, I don’t want the entire story to be paced like a stereotypical ‘Michael Bay montage’.

Here’s some examples of what I’ve written so far:

Messages and themes for Obliteration:

  • Dangers of technological advancement
  • Fighting against the nature of humanity
  • Blue and orange morality


  • Radicalisation
  • Tolerance
  • Balancing political correctness

Mythologies & apocalyptic prophecies

The events that unfold in Obliteration become reminiscent of a fictional legend that’s inspired by prophecies and mythologies such as the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse combined with demons. This event is triggered when a high enough quantity of global conflict occurs and is set to indiscriminately bring an end to conflict, usually in the form of an apocalypse.

Supposedly a very long time ago, a similar event happened after the past occupants of earth raged war against each other, bringing an end to their existence and resulting in a temporary period of peace until new intelligent life walked earth again, sparking off war and conflict once more.

The events of the Xikaeda Plague is becoming interpreted as one of the final prophecies of another impending apocalypse, this time set to force humanity to unite against it, ending conflict once again.  

While this apocalyptic event is reminiscent of the apocalyptic legend in the world of Obliteration, it is in fact a disaster that the Xikaeda inadvertently brought on themselves after taking technology too far and unintentionally brings it to Earth during the invasion.


Claudia: If we can’t change our ways then we should at least learn to create some ‘good inventions’ to counter every ‘bad’ one we make. By ‘bad’ I’m referring to anything that’s been designed with its core intention to kill.

Riley: That may be true but at the same time every new weapon we make now is at least being made in mind of defending ourselves from the Xikaeda and not for the intention of being used against each other.

Claudia: I just hope it doesn’t come down to that after we rid the world of the Xikaeda Plague…



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