FMP- Obliteration script part 1

This is the current script that will follow straight after the last page from my last comic:


Riley has just arrived in Britain and is now riding a truck packed with new soldiers on their way to their designated divisions to either become airmen or to join crews in border fortification. Some of them start smoking drugs as the inside of the truck fills up with fumes, much to Riley’s dismay.

Riley: (The recon division may not be the safest transfer for me but I did not travel 4000 miles to fail bootcamp and die in a factory…Or die in this truck!)

The truck reaches it’s destination with everyone in a rush to get out.

Riley: Jesus Christ, gimme some air! *coughing from the smoke*

Commander: Fresh meat for the grinder out of the truck! Move!

Riley is first out before collapsing to the ground into a coughing fit while everyone else leaves him behind. A veteran soldier pushing another soldier in a wheelchair due to return home arrives to aid Riley before he boards another truck that’s about to transport leaving soldiers away from Blackthorn. Riley continues coughing.

Soldier: *containing his laughter* Are you alright?

Riley: *stops coughing* Seriously that almost killed me, it’s not funny.

The soldier offers a hand to lift Riley back on his feet but not before Riley accidentally pulls it off, revealing that he’s an amputee.

Riley: *gasps* Oh heck, I’m sorry sir!

Soldier:…Bloody prosthetic piece of shit! Anyway, are you here to join the recon division?

Riley: Yep, because stealing food is apparently a war crime in the federation, so it was going to be either this or the factories. 

Soldier: Ha! Then in that case you will stay planted here until one of them comes to pick you up.

Riley: You know, if you attach those two screws it tightens more so you might not get that problem again.

Soldier: Wow, a fresh-faced recruit who knows more about this fake limb stuff than my own surgeon, are you sure you’re not misplaced?

Riley: Well I tinkered with a few things in an orphanage back home. I fixed some prosthetics for some war orphans and with a few weeks they fit better than new. *re-adjusts the man’s arm* How’s that?

Soldier: I think it’s going to work like a charm for much longer, thanks for that!

Riley: Not a problem, uh…*notices his fresh scars* You take care of yourself, sir.

Soldier: And you make sure you squash as many x-rays as you can for every poor orphaned kid you know of! *salutes him*

Riley: *salutes back* I intend to!

As the soldiers leave, Riley notices that the man strapped in the wheelchair is suffering from extreme combat stress. The young soldier is about a year younger than Riley, growling and staring at him with the enraged look of a savage beast in his eyes, sending a shiver up his spine.

More leaving soldiers pass by Riley, at least half of them crippled both physically and mentally. After more waiting, Riley is suddenly tackled by a familiar figure.

Shelby: I knew you’d get kicked out of boot camp!

Shelby playfully wrestles with her childhood friend. Riley instantly realises who it is as he struggles to free himself from her powerful grip. Though he was at least somewhat comfortable where he was.

Riley: Ow! Yep, it’s nice to see you too, Shelby. Whoa, have you grown!

Riley: So what’s our first order of business? Please say it’s a tank mission…Do we even have a tank?

Shelby: Well, I don’t wanna disappoint you but, we’re in bigger demand of aircrews rather than tank crews. But you don’t have to be a pilot to be an airman here.

Riley: Planes… Well I guess that’ll do. 

Shelby: Anyway I better get us back to Warbeast Battlefront, I’ll tell you more on the way there.

Riley’s eyes widen as Shelby shows him to her car.

Riley: This is a fine machine you got here, but I would’ve thought they’d let you roll in something with a little more armor?

Shelby: Well the Feds don’t want to invest too much expensive equipment on what they see as an expendable squad, so we just make do with what we can and use one of these. It may not be bullet-proof but at least it’s no slouch.

Riley’s grin drops a little as opens the bonnet and see’s the state of the engine.

Riley: …It will be soon with the state this one’s in! 

Shelby: Yeah, I’ll uh…leave that to you when we get back.

Shelby and Riley drive away.


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