FMP- Proposal guidelines

Before I get too immersed into the practical side of my FMP I will look into some guidelines to consider for writing a proposal for my project.

What do I want the communication to achieve?

Who is my audience?

Unique selling proposition

Media requirements

Audience and client priorities 


-By the end of this project I am aiming to create a preview graphic novel that will be more complete than my previous FMP. I will then have plans to submit it to graphic novel publishers to find a publisher who would be interested in seeing a completed version of my graphic novel.

-My work will mostly be targeted towards teenagers. Parts of my comic will explore themes on political correctness and from my experience this phase is most relevant when growing up through your teenage years. We’re living in generation where everyone seems to be easily offended, particularly towards derogatory terms against people. My story’s short proposal to answer this is to strip the offensive intention of every derogatory term, making them all inoffensive when put into use. Also due ton the international themes of the story, it is also intended to promote world unity. Apart from that, despite the art style of my graphic novel having a cartoony look, it will contain content and language that would generally not be suitable for minors.

-This will be like many comics would be and while it would be available to be viewed online, I intend to create a printed piece as a final submission.

-The client for my project will most likely be a writer for my story who would want an illustrator to help put their story onto paper, that’s where my role as an aspiring illustrator will come in. As of now I have been encouraged to give priority to my audience first over my client.


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