FMP- Obliteration script part 3

Shelby shows Riley into the hangar filled with their planes.

Shelby:…Of course, where else would she be?

Riley looks around to see all the planes under maintenance but quickly see’s a bit of orange near the plane that’s deepest in the hangar. As he walked closer he saw that it was a beautiful young vixen stood in front and facing towards the plane.

Riley: *blushes* Beautiful…plane! T-that’s a beautiful plane, you have there.

Sylvia: Oh, hello there…Can I help you?

Shelby: This is my bro that I’ve known since childhood and our newest member to Warbeast. Riley, this is Sylvia. Give this vixen some wings and you’ll know an ace aviator who’s equal to an entire air force! Give her a rifle and you’ll meet a crack-shot sniper, too.

Riley: I-it’s nice to meet you. So you’re an ace pilot and an ace sniper? That’s awesome, you’re pretty…pretty awesome.

Sylvia: Thanks…

Sylvia hesitantly smiles, nods and walks out to have a cigarette.

Shelby: She doesn’t mean to be antisocial, but she prefers to be reserved from other animals, even from us.

Riley: She seems nice though. Bet if I tried hard enough I can break that shell of hers.

Shelby: Well best of luck with that, she ain’t too keen in making new friends because of her fear of losing them in battle.

Riley: Oh…So there’s really no messing around in this kind of thing?

Shelby: Afraid so. But if you want my opinion towards this sort of thing- If you think you’ll be gone the next day, wouldn’t you want to make the most of what little life you have left before that happens? Because I’d rather live a short but eventful life rather than live a long one with no companions to share it with, which seems to be where our Sylvia is heading towards.

Riley: That’s the Shelby knowledge I love. Now you should take your own advice and keep going for that Saya girl.

Shelby: *Blushes*…Are my subtle hints really that obvious or something?

Riley: *Raises an eyebrow* Well, the flirty body language and the unsubtle bedroom eyes checking out her ass is kind of a big giveaway.

Shelby: I’ve never been cut out for stealth anyway. And despite what Claudia thinks, I honestly think we need to get close enough to rely on each other for survival.

Van: The United Allied Federation don’t get paid as much but they’re over-equipped with the latest gadgets compared to us. That’s where I come in to balance that out.

Van and Riley walk past a couple of late model helicopter gunships that are soon to be commonly used by the military. 

Riley: What kind of planes are those??

Van: Those my friend, are helicopters. Unlike planes, these things have VTOL abilities. They can also carry soldiers, vehicles AND a hell of a lot more firepower.

Riley: V-what?

Van: They can take off and land without a runway.

Riley: Ooh, sweet!

Van: This makes them really practical for rescue missions and adding weapons to them makes them really nice for close air support. 

Riley: So who are you if you’re not with the feds or formally part of Warbeast? 

Van: Me? I’m just the grey thing that’s here to help out by… borrowing the latest hardware from the feds that you’ll need for whatever comes. Speaking of which…

Van shows Riley to the squad’s battle tank.

Riley: *Gazes in awe* Holy shite! *climbs onto the tank* I don’t even know what kind of tank this is but this has gotta be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!

Riley looks back and sees Claudia looking back at him. He quickly jumps back down and regains his composure.

Riley: Er, sorry ma’am.

Claudia: You may as well fan-boy all over that Python tank while you can, because chances are that she won’t be of much use to us except for training exercises. But with its German ingenuity, American power, Russian reliability and even a built-in tea-maker by the Brits, it’s a fine piece of international engineering.

Riley: I feel like this beast has strong potential. With a mix of countries in it it’s like how the world is now, we’re all working together.


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