FMP proposal UPDATED

I intend to continue my ‘Obliteration comic’ project for my FMP. By the end of this project I am aiming to create a preview graphic novel that will be more complete than my pervious FMP. I will then have plans to submit it to graphic novel publishers who would hopefully be interested in seeing a completed version of my graphic novel in the future.

The pages that I intend to illustrate will take place straight after my previous APP project. In addition however, if I have extra time (1 month before the deadline) I am also hoping to illustrate some extra pages to help expand the variety of my creative skills. I am currently planning to use that extra time to create single-page illustrations from scenarios that take place later in the story such as battle scenes, and depictions of different characters and creatures that serve as the main antagonists of the story. This could additionally fall into the genre of concept art which I think would make good additions to my portfolio, demonstrating that I can make comic panels as well as detailed illustrations. And overall I think it would be an effective way to demonstrate varied concepts and ideas for the story without the time-consuming process of creating a series of comic pages to depict a single idea.

For the graded submission of my work, I will submit work that is all completely new and not from previous projects. For the exhibition piece however, I will create the preview comic that I envisioned by combining it with past works in order to create a complete preview graphic novel. To top it off I am also hoping to give out free copies to visitors of the exhibition.

The client for my project will be a fictional writer for my story who would want an illustrator to help convert their scripts into imagery, that’s where my role as an aspiring illustrator will come in.

Once my initial research is completed I am aiming to stick to a production schedule of creating at least 1 page per week.


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