Obliteration script part- Warbeast’s mission

Claudia: Now, just to recap our priorities for Ricky- Our mission is to provide reconnaissance for the military of impending invasions from the Xikaeda air forces. For whatever reason they are immune to detection on radar, so that’s where recon divisions like us come in to survey what’s beyond the borders before the airforce ventures out. This is to minimise casualties for our boys and girls in the sky, by putting our lives on the line first… 

Riley: Umm, I see that makes sense, Claudia…My…my name’s Riley by the way.

Claudia: Er, Riley. Sorry.

Van: If I may add to that, this whole business of protecting Britain from the Xikaeda is just a side-mission to us. Our PRIMARY objective is to prepare a rescue operation to save Vanessa. You haven’t met her yet because the Xikaeda has captured her…

Claudia: I might as well help fill Ricky with this- weeks ago an x-ray managed to force their way through the defensive wall and deployed an unknown hostile deep into the woods of Blackthorn. Van’s sister Vanessa volunteered to fly one of our heli’s over there to investigate. Since then we’ve heard nothing from her.

Van: The Federation offered to help before but after losing every squad they sent out to try and save her, they’ve decided that one recon soldier missing in action is no longer important to the Feds when they need every Fed soldier available to help defend Britain. So they’ve just left it to the so-called ‘expendable’ recon divisions to do it instead, who unfortunately have been less than successful so far…

Riley: Aww crap, that’s your sister they caught? Sorry man…But hey we’ll get her back, right?

Van: Damn right we will. And under Claudia’s command I’m hoping that our recon squad will be the most prepared to be the first and last squad to go in and save her.

Claudia: So in the mean time whenever we’re not flying, and while the other squads are attempting our rescue mission, we’ll be training for it.

Riley: Wait, why can’t we just try helping them out instead, to save her sooner rather than later? I mean, if we’re prepared enough to do so that is…

Claudia: Well even if we were, the Feds still want to keep us reserved to continue surveying what’s outside the borders. 

Riley: Right…So where will I play my part in all this?


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