One week project: Lightmaker World of Tanks

In addition to my final major project, I have now been tasked with an additional 1-week project briefed by Lightmaker.


They have specialised in creating website designs for numerous clients and organisations including Wargaming, in which they have specialised in helping promote the online WW2 game World of Tanks. This is where we’ve been given the task to generate ideas to help contribute to promote players to play the game through their website. Specifically we are required to promote ‘PLAY FOR FREE’.


What we will create will depend of each other’s skills and design experience. In my case I am specialising in illustration over web design, so I am currently planning to create mock-screenshots and sketches to showcase my design ideas.

One idea that I have so far is to convey the team-based side of playing the game, or more specifically the crew required to operate a tank. So I am currently proposing an idea to depict an interactive 360 view of a tank while various tank crew roles are labelled around the vehicle as the user pans around it. This will then be followed by a slogan such as ‘PLAY YOUR PART’ followed by the button on the website giving the user the option to sign up and play the game, giving the user a sense of responsibility to help their team by playing World of Tanks.

To add more to the 360 interactivity of website, users will also have the option to view historical background about the tanks that they are viewing on the website- the users will have the option to pan around other tank vehicles on the battlefield that’s being depicted on the website, as they are all rolling out into battle.




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