One week project: Lightmaker World of Tanks 2


I have currently been working on an idea Lightmaker’s World of Tanks project to create a concept for an interactive feature for their website. In order to fulfil the objective of the brief to encourage people to play the game, I am proposing an idea to depict the team aspect of being part of a tank crew, in order immerse users to give them a sense of purpose when they sign up to play World of Tanks.

I am hoping this would be achieved by proposing to feature an interactive 360 section on their website that shows a tank rolling through the battlefield, while various labels of the tank crew roles that are needed while the user interacts by panning around the moving tank.


Due to the time constraints of this project I decided that it would be quicker to re-use some of my own imagery along with some provided graphics from Lightmaker.


I created this tank design for my Obliteration project but have not found a use for it yet. Even though the tank is fictional I thought it would be fitting to use for this project since the overall design is reminiscent of ww2-era tanks.


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