FMP Production report 1

I have now started production of my Final major project, starting off by continuing my comic where we are introduced to Warbeast’s newest member of the squad, Riley. I intend to follow a production schedule of creating at least 1 pager per week. Hopefully I’ll create the comic in 1 month while using the remaining time to create a series of concept art based on other ideas and scenarios for Obliteration that haven’t been illustrated yet.

Here is my current progress so far:


Riley has just arrived in Britain and is now riding a truck packed with new soldiers on their way to their designated divisions to either become airmen or to join crews in border fortification. The inside of the truck starts to fill up with fumes as a few nervous men decide to intoxicate themselves to calm their nerves, much to Riley’s dismay.

Riley: (The recon division may not be the safest transfer for me but I did not travel 4000 miles to fail bootcamp and die in a factory…Or die in the back of this truck!)



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