Side project: Kent Sales Academy

Along side our FMP we have now recently been assigned to another short project for another client running a company known as Kent Sales Academy. They specialise in helping train young people to develop sales skills, a much needed skill in the work world that most people are poorly trained at unless it’s something they actively want to specialise in.

They currently don’t have a live website at the moment so our role as graphic designers is to help create a logo and branding identity for them, with the main requirements for the branding to appeal to both students and businesses: young people should see it and think of what a fun and advancing journey this could lead them to and people in the business industry should see it as a credible brand to be associated with.

Here is a current logo in progress so far:

Kent sales academy logo-01

So far I have designed the logo as a stylised ‘KSA’ to stand for ‘Kent Sales Academy’. I am also planning to include text that will say that within the logo design after I’ve settled with what would be an appropriate typeface and colour scheme for the branding.


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