FMP production report 4

I have now completed my first double page for the continuation of my graphic novel, here is my current completed work alongside the storyboard that helped support it:

When it came to research for this it was pretty much a matter of looking for appropriate references to help create the post-WW2-esque setting that I want to get out of my head and into illustration. So I made sure to take inspiration from vehicles, gear and equipment from the WW2 era in order to create the setting that I have envisioned such as trucks, planes and military uniforms while also having my own liberties with the designs to create a world that’s familiar yet different from our own. This will be carried out throughout the rest of the production of Obliteration.

As mentioned before, the character Riley has always been eager to do his bit to protect Britain from the Xikaeda, motivated by little more than his sense of duty and enlistment propaganda. While Riley meets an experienced soldier for the first time he soon learns what war propaganda never shows: joining the military along with the potential cost of a crippled body or a crippled mind.

While the setting is reminiscent of post-WW2, it is not intended to be historically accurate for the world of Obliteration and the years are not even set in the 1940s. For the story here it is set in an alternate timeline in 2034 where technology is out of date compared to our own timeline, due to differing historical events in the Obliteration world. So to take advantage of the creative liberties for this story I will also take inspiration from our own generation to other things from past generations particularly from the Vietnam war, such the presence drugs being used by soldiers hence the reason why the character Riley was so eager to get out of the smoke-filled truck, to avoid getting intoxicated.


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