Mock propaganda poster progress

Here is my current work in progress for my mock propaganda poster for the military in Obliteration where I am currently deciding between which one of these slogans I’m going to use:

UAF propaganda1UAF propaganda2UAF propaganda3

The first slogan that I considered using was ‘Together we win’, to emphasise on world unity against a common enemy. However I have also considered using phrases based on Darwin’s theory on natural selection, since the characters here are all anthro animals. Using one of these phrases might be more satirically effective in depicting the fascist mind-sets towards alien invaders that the military is encouraging amongst their soldiers, in a desperate attempt to increase their power as much as possible to keep mankind liberated from the Xikaeda: The Xikaeda want to steal Earth from us, we must assert mankind’s dominance over them.

However, the real intentions for the Xikaeda invasion is more than just colonizing earth, but the government does not show concern for this.

So even though society in Obliteration has become more politically correct and international, (shown in the poster with soldiers from different countries and of different species) their recent motivation to keep Earth from being colonized by another race spawned these right-wing ideologies to be applied to the entire planet, to encourage everyone to unite and kill the Xikaeda or be killed by them.


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