FMP production report 5

I have now made a start of my next page for my graphic novel:

(I am aware that the road sign in the background is backwards, I will fix that later on)



Riley: Oh heck, I am so sorry, sir!

Soldier:…Bloody prosthetic piece of shit! Anyway, are you here to join the recon division?

Riley: Yep, because stealing food is apparently a war crime in the federation, so it was going to be either this or the factories. 

Soldier: Heh, then in that case you will stay planted here until one of them comes to pick you up.

Riley: You know, if you attach those two screws it tightens more so you might not get that problem again.

Soldier: Wow, a fresh-faced recruit who knows more about these prosthetic contraptions than my own surgeon, are you sure you’re not misplaced?

Riley: Well I tinkered with a few things in an orphanage back home. I fixed some prosthetics for some war orphans… *re-adjusts the man’s arm* How’s that?

Soldier: I think it’s going to work like a charm for much longer, thanks for that!

Riley: Not a problem, you take care of yourself, sir.

Soldier: And you make sure you squash as many x-rays as you can for every poor orphaned kid you know of! *salutes him*

Riley: *salutes back* I intend to!

Soldier: I know, I don’t think he’s going to make it back in one piece either, but I might as well cheer the new guys on so that they will at least die happy in battle if they’re lucky…


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