Before the flood

Over the Easter holiday we have been given an activity to watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s Before the flood documentary and reflect on it with our own cognitive and affective thoughts related to it.

Alongside these thoughts that we are tasked to evaluate on, my initial reactions after watching Before the flood is my growing concern for humanity’s future and questioning our apparent nature to destroy ourselves: Is it inevitable or are we capable of preventing it? Apart from that here is my best attempt to answer my evaluative thoughts of Before the flood:

Thought reaction: Regardless of whether or not I will be able to have a significant effect on preventing the negative effects of climate change among a majority of people who would give in to greed instead, I would at least question what final thoughts would I like to reflect on during the final moments of my life? Would I like to reflect on my apathetic attitude towards saving planet Earth or would I like to reflect on my contributions to at least try to save our world in the duration of life I had?

Felt reaction: I question my subconscious careless thoughts related to climate change that include: “Well none of this is going to have much of an impact on me in my personal life time, so why should I be bothered?” That way of thinking is worrying especially if large quantities of people decided to think like that and teach younger generations to think in the same way.

In addition to how watching the documentary would be useful for me personally, it is relevant to my FMP since my story Obliteration draws some relations to well-being of the environment. Obliteration is not set in a world ruined by climate change but the invasion of the Xikaeda Plague is intended to be a filthy reflection of ourselves in the future: they’ve obsessed with technological innovation so much that they no longer have enough resources on their own planet to fight back an alien invasion of their own, so they’ve come to Earth to take our resources for their own uses regardless of the well-being of planet Earth and it’s inhabitants.

I have also drafted some dialogue for a later part in the story as a result of watching Before the flood: (character names and plot lines have been left ambiguous)

“So why do you think this epidemic is happening to us?”

“…Why wouldn’t it? Who could turn a blind eye on a civilisation that would willingly destroy their once beautiful paradise? With you and your damned trains, ships and planes decimating the environment, to deliver fat-heads to build concrete monstrosities and assist in global conflict. We once lived in the religious so-called dark ages for a reason: It kept us in check. It kept us from booming unnecessary technology, it kept us from booming unwanted babies, it kept us in our own boundaries. Americans stayed in America, Asians stayed in Asia-“

“-And it kept prey and predator divided? Predators just continue to dominate prey?”

“It’s for the sake of a better way of living for everyone”

“More like for you, right? Must be easy for you to say when you’re not the one being hunted, driven out or discriminated-“

“Spare me the bullshit, it should be obvious that animals like me get as much shit all the time just like Sylvia and other foxes, coyotes, weasels and wolves alike. But we were glorious once back in the good old days when society stayed in their boundaries but thanks to the blending of civilisation the tables have been turned on animals like us just because they can’t deal with our traditional ways of living!”

“Traditional as in burning rabbits out of their holes or looting their belongings?”

“Surviving is winning, if they had the guts they would treat us the same way anyway!”

“So is your philosophy just to accept things as they are? To disregard innovation to make the world a better place and instead just accept the absurdities of life and continue living in your own bubble? Because if everyone suddenly thought that way and did nothing to prevent the unbalanced nature of the world, then that I think will do nothing but contribute to our Obliteration either way. If we only have 1 life to live, what final thoughts do you want to reflect on during the final hours of your life? Because I’d rather use whatever little time I have left to at least contribute to something that would make a beneficial difference to mankind. It must be better than reflecting on an apathetic attitude or fake fulfilments in life to make yourself feel better.

Sure we’re flawed, we always revert to our malevolent nature regardless of whatever state the world is in, we can’t help but find something to fight about constantly. Like how we used to just accept that living in a simple, restrained yet divided world hundreds of years ago was somewhat the “least malevolent” way of living. Now you claim that technological and industrial innovation has made things worse and I can see your point, what with the destruction of the environment and the growing inventions of  weapons increasing global conflict amidst unstable politics and all that. 

Yet increasing diversity of society will help us blend all knowledge known and unknown to us to successfully create a solution to counter our imperfections. In a twisted way, wouldn’t you agree that the Xikaeda Plague has contributed to that? We see them as a new common enemy to unite us over everything else we fought for in the past. And when we’ve finished our battle against them we can use everything we’ve learnt and invented from this united conflict to repair the world.”







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