FMP production report 10

I am now in the process of colouring my current page, along with adding some improved visuals better than what I had originally pictured in my mind. In this case I have inadvertently created an eye colour for this ‘beast’ state that the combat-stressed soldier is in:

page11 crop1

This is pretty much Obliteration’s variant of war neuroses. While typical examples in the real world would include varying nervous and mental disorders, these will be present among soldiers but since they are animals in Obliteration, they are also prone to a rare disorder that causes them to degenerate to their feral instincts. This is caused by ‘fight or flight’ reactions , a survival response that kicks in when a soldier comes close to experiencing death in combat. Much like how a stressed wild animal would react when they are cornered by a hunter. This reaction is meant to only last for as little amount of time as possible, but in some very rare cases it stays permanent.

Typical behaviour will include:

  • Extreme hostility towards other animals, apparently hallucinating them as enemies.
  • Increased physical strength
  • Increased animal instincts
  • Speech disorder
  • Amnesia
  • Hysteria
  • Paranoia

Here’s the rest of my comic soon to be coloured:

page11 crop2




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