FMP production report 11

I have now completed my next page:


To recap on the story so far, here are my recently completed pages put together in sequential order:

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Many of the soldiers here are returning from their service in border fortification while the fresh-faced recruits arrive to take their place. Whenever the Xikaeda breaks through the Federation’s air force, the towering walls, bunkers and pillboxes become the first to constantly take a relentless pounding from each invading wave of the Xikaeada in an attempt to weaken Britain’s defences.

This is also where a misunderstood form of combat stress among soldiers in rarely seen, in which victims will degenerate to their feral instincts originally as a ‘fight or flight’ reaction for when they come close to expecting death in battle. But in some rare cases this condition remains permanent afterwards and there is currently no medicine for these victims other than unreliable treatment such as shock therapy.

This condition is loosely based on existing war neuroses experienced by soldiers from past generations including WW1.


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