FMP production report 12

I’ve now completed my next page which depicts Riley being reunited with Shelby shortly after his arrival:


Riley and Shelby have known each other since childhood and come close to sharing a brother/sister relationship, however despite Riley’s determination to join the military he still has a lot of ground to cover compared to Shelby.

I have also considered making adjustments to a double page spread that I created earlier:


My current aim is to change the text to a poem that I’ve made up for a fictional apocalyptic prophecy that’s supposed to come true in the story. It’s supposedly serves as a warning for reaping what you sew if mankind gives in to their malevolent nature.

This is what I’ve drafted so far:

As mankind is shadowed by the flight of the black swan

Division to unity is challenged through famine, pestilence, war and death

As the ultimate penalty for the malevolence of mankind


As the abundance of benevolence flourishes, so does hatred’s never-ending thirst for carnage 

It’s thirst will be quenched upon the last breath of inhumanity


I will also consider adding to the illustrations of the double page in which I will include imagery of conflict within other creatures such as hornets VS bees and hostile behaviour among wolves for example, to emphasise that hostile nature is not restricted to people.




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