Obliteration inspiration/production report 13

While altering my double-page spread I reminded myself of one of my initial inspirations for the creation of my project Obliteration. In addition to War of the Worlds and a variety of animations, war movies and modern historical events, the rivalry between countless creatures in the wilderness has also strongly contributed to the current making of Obliteration, particularly conflicts within the insect world such as bees versus hornets.

Hornet vs bee

This is where I considered including this within my work for symbolic representation, to remind us that the principles of war and conflict is not restricted to people.

Obliteration intro

As displayed, the anti-war poem is a summary from a fictional legend in Obliteration that’s meant to serve as a warning for mankind’s inevitable malevolent nature. As for the symbolic illustration of the hornet attacking a bee, it not only reflects on the savage side of nature as well as survival of the fittest, it’s also a representation of the state of mankind (the bees) against the Xikaeda (the hornets). This is to be concluded later in the story with a continued illustration of the hornet being engulfed by hundreds of honey bees, based on the same defence method that bees would use against a single hornet before it flies back to its own nest and return to attack the bee colony. This is intended to represent the combined efforts of world unity to overpower a superior enemy force.


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