Obliteration production report 15




I have now completed my next pair of pages depicting childhood friends Riley and Shelby being reunited. The next collection of pages will serve to depict Riley getting a mixed reception as he’s introduced to the rest of the squad.

I had an interesting task of attempting to create suitable onomatopoeia for the sound of a car bonnet opening. A simple solution I had in mind was to simply use the word “POP” since the phrase to ‘pop open’ is sometimes used to describe opening things, or a more colloquial western term for opening the car’s bonnet- ‘pop the hood’. But I eventually settled with creating a word that describes the opening sound in a more literal way- ‘KLCK’.

Warbeast car

In addition I have decided to edit the script slightly to give a better scenario of Riley attempting to introduce himself to the squad. This will directly take place after the pages I have just created:


A wave of what appears to be Xikaeda troops are charging into battle, weapons-blazing, but not before being annihilated by a soldier suited in armour of immense invincibility, complete with  shoulder-mounted grenade launchers, a chaingun attached to the right arm and a flamethrower attached to the left. The destroyed Xikaeda are revealed to be test dummies within a combat training exercise, where one of the members is testing out the body armour that Van managed to swipe from the UAF.

Shelby and Riley have just returned to base. Before Shelby gets a chance to introduce Riley, he sees the suited soldier having the armour removed with assistance of other squad members and immediately assumes that person to be the leader of the squad.

Riley: Hold on, I got this…

Riley rushes towards the soldier and stands on attention while saluting.

Riley: Private Riley reporting as ordered, sir!

The intimidating helmet is removed from the suited soldier, revealing to be Saya who gives Riley a curious look.

Saya: *blinks, blushes slightly and chuckles* I’m flattered but I’m not the one in charge.

Claudia walks towards Riley.

Riley: Private Riley reporting for duty, ma’am!

Claudia:…You’ve mistaken us for the feds if that’s what you’re here for.

Riley: Uh, sorry ma’am, I was actually just transferred out of there-

Claudia: We work alongside the United Allied Federation, not within them. So you can drop that boy-scout nonsense.

Riley:…Thank god! I swear my DI made me hold the salute for two hours for not doing it right.

Claudia: The recon divisions are not here to be hindered by ranks or medals, therefore we have nothing to salute each other for. We’re simply here to survey the borders for Xikaeda invasions while the UAF gets pampered. Anyway, welcome to Warbeast Battlefront.

Riley: Thanks ma’am, pleasure’s all mine!

Riley holds his hand out for a handshake, which Claudia completely ignores.

Claudia: You’ve already met Shelby, everyone else is here for the same reason you two are, and I’m Claudia, the one in charge here. Shelby, give Riley a quick tour of the place…

Claudia walks off while lighting up a cigar.

Riley: Well she’s a colourful character, ain’t she? 

Shelby: She just doesn’t want the new guys getting too close to anyone in the squad, so it’s typical of her not to properly introduce us to you. But that’s where I come in, cause we gotta at least call each other something to communicate, right?

Riley: I know, right? But man, that was so cold.

Saya: Give it time to know her better and she can be really sweet.

Riley: Oh hello, who’s this?

Saya: はじめまして、私の名前は沙耶です

Riley: Uh…

Saya: Oh…很高兴见到你 ?

Riley: Ah….

Shelby: I’m afraid he’s no more cultured than I am. Anyway Riley, this cutie here is Saya. *puts her arm around her* You can be her friend but nothing more than that! 

Saya: *blushes* Stop it, Shelby! I’m sorry Riley, seeing that we’re both Asian animals I just assumed that you spoke-

Riley: Ah it’s cool, Saya. 

Shelby and Riley move on to Roza, who has just finished testing out her modified prophetic leg with a kick-activated shotgun on mannequins. 

Shelby: There’s that crazy Ruskie. Roza, meet Riley. Now unless you struggle with simple tasks don’t give him too much shit, okay?

Riley: Uh, nice to meet you sir- Ma’am! 

Roza observes Riley’s fresh innocent face and unmanly stance.

Roza:…Shit, they don’t make men like they used to, do they?

Riley:…Excuse me?

Roza: How old are you?

Riley: I’m 19 and I just got out of boot camp.

Roza: *Rolls her eyes* Oh please, my father was already ripping, tearing and charging into certain death when he was 17. You teens these days have gotten soft from being pampered and cocooned from the real world out there!

Riley: Well, maybe some of us just aren’t built for war.

Roza: Haha! You may say that but notice that I’m a classic prey animal in this squad and look at where I am now. Anyway Shelby, thanks for giving us a new bipod! You dumb coon. 

Shelby: Roza’s a real charmer eh?

Riley: What’s her problem anyway, and why does she talk like an angry grandpa?

Shelby: Let’s just say she’s had a very traditional upbringing, like our boys and girls back 50 or so years ago!

Riley: Was that bad?

Shelby: Well it was back in the not-so-good old days when we used to be killing each other before the Xikaeda plague. Back when planes were glorified kites and when tanks were more likely to become steel coffins. Not to mention trench warfare…

Riley: *Shivers* I couldn’t even think about killing another animal… Coffins? Weren’t tanks indestructible back then?

Shelby: Sure they would make a nice shield to hide behind but they were incredibly slow back then. It was also common for them to dig themselves in, and breakdown…and easily become an artillery magnet.

Riley: Sounds like miserable times, Shel…




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