Think like a traveller/Benefits of going outside

Alongside my projects I have been tasked to reflect on a few videos that explore the themes of thinking like a traveller and the benefits of going outdoors:

I had a particularly strong reaction towards The health benefits of going outside since this is something that I would like to do more in the future coming from a childhood background of exploring a large garden of my grandparent’s home.

While I don’t think I qualify to be labelled as a ‘nature boy’ or a frequent traveller, I think it would do people good to spend more time outdoors whenever the opportunity comes. As a designer I think this is especially important when it comes to finding ideas or inspiration: whenever I take a look at any of my favourite graphic novels, movies, games and so on, I also think to myself as I admire the creative scenery, characters, creatures and immersive atmospheres: was this created by someone in a basement isolated from the outside world? In addition to the obvious inspiration you need from the outdoors, the principle activities of walking and being surrounded by a natural environment as opposed to travelling through concrete structures in a car, being in an environment that’s different to what you’re accustomed to is helpful for stretching your mind’s creativity.

Whether we like it or not, the modern generation is married to our electronic mobile devices and it’s unlikely that it will be leaving us anytime soon. So I personally hope that one day in the future all mobile electronics will become solar-powered so you will have more reason to go outside anyway, and hopefully get a little distracted by the beauty of nature along the way. And on my own personal note- sure we could just use our phones or tablets to watch nature programs or anything else that outside of our own reach but unfortunately you don’t feel it in the same way as actually being there for real, whether it’s feeling the humid temperature of a tropical location or even in the man-made world where you’d feel the ground shake from passing jet fighters at air shows.


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