Production report 16

I have managed to storyboard another collection of pages that will take place after Riley reunites with Shelby:

However I am going to have to up the production schedule if I am to illustrate all these pages from 1 page per week to 1 page every 1-2 days. This I think will be possible if I cut down on free-time activities for the benefit of completing this project since I do not wish to take shortcuts with my work. Fortunately this has been the case so far as I have recently managed to create 2 more pages:



While Riley is being taken back to base, we are now greeted by what appears to be a battle scenario where the Xikaeda appears to be getting the upper hand, but it will soon be revealed to be just a training exercise that viewed from the perspective of an unknown soldier testing out a new heavily-armed and armoured suit that sacrifices mobility in favour of invulnerability on the battlefield.


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