Production report 17


Next page completed.

A variety of inspiration was taken in order to design this battle armour:

armour inspiration

While taking inspiration from other fictional armour designs I also thought to myself- “Where did this designer take inspiration from to design this?”

This is where I noticed that the majority of them show close resemblances to medieval battle armour and would therefore become another source of inspiration while designing my own. In addition I also looked at experimental helmets from WW1 that were intended to provide protection to the face at the cost of restricting visibility for the soldier and even a WW2-era British police helmet that was kept in my grandparent’s home.


heavy soldier

While the armour is intended to make the soldier near-invincible against enemy infantry it also comes with a permanently attached chaingun for medium range combat, a flamethrower for close range and two shoulder-mounted grenade launchers for long range, literally turning the soldier into a versatile walking weapon. The weaknesses however would be restricted movement due to the increased weight, and it’s weak spot would be to shoot them in the back where the fuel tanks are for the flamethrower.

Overall, everything combined is intended to give an intimidating appearance for the design of the battle armour.


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