Production report 18

Next pages have now been completed:

Warbeast Battlefront 18-19

As the scene transitions into what appears to be a battle scene it is soon revealed to be just a training exercise back in the base that Riley and Shelby are travelling back to, with the training exercise partly illustrated to look how it would appear if it was a real battle. This is also intended to give the audience a peak of what sort of action they can expect from the rest of the story.

The cardboard targets being used here are modified to flip around after being shot at to represent the target being eliminated. This idea was partly inspired by character sprite mechanics in early FPS games such as Wolfenstein and Doom, where characters and objects in these games are still created in 2D despite functioning in a 3D environment.

I therefore included this target mechanism within the world of Obliteration as a reflection of my strong interest towards 90s FPS games. This is further emphasised with my decision to include a first-person perspective of the person using the body armour.



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