Trip to Dungeness

A day was taken off from usual college activities for a trip to a headland on the coast of Kent known as Dungeness, for the main purpose of immersing ourselves within an outdoor environment that’s different to what we’re normally accustomed to in order to stretch our creative way of thinking. It is also intended to assist us in a short project later on.

In comparison to other towns in Britain, this ‘British desert’ is a more desolated environment, giving a more tranquil atmosphere that’s ideal for providing a nature reserve and a good photographic location for different British landscapes. This has been especially good for me since I was an apparent nature boy before my regular days in college and future career. Also in relation to my work, the overall scenery of Dungeness is helping me find additional inspiration for Obliteration such as scenery for fictional locations and generally a collection of photos that I can use to provide background imagery with my work. Because I still maintain a production process of blending my photography with my illustrative work for my story.



On a ending note after my visit, I have a good idea for a peaceful location that I would like to escape to at some point in the future.


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