Production report 21

While completing a previous page I have recently realised that after restructuring the pairs of double-page spreads through the thumbnail sketching process, this page needs an extra page before switching to a different scenario to create a smoother transition:


So I need to create some sort of page to serve as a filler before transitioning to the next character introduction scene that I’m working on:


This is where I had an idea to create a page that’s slightly off-topic to the storyline but still relevant to the project in terms of content and also beneficial to depicting my personal development as an illustrator. I will find some older images of character designs and group them all together in a single page to show how much my art style has developed over the years- starting from traditional media during the days before I relied on digital techniques, towards my first attempt at using the digital software and ending with my most current drawings after much practice with the digital software that I use today.

In addition, I have also learnt the value of organising space for dialogue the during production processes of these pages. My most common method of doing this is having the characters roughly sketched out and position the speech bubbles over this to make sure that I have enough space. And if I discover that there isn’t enough room it’s just a case of adjusting the scale and positioning of the sketches without the need to worry about loss of quality or time wasted.


Once I’m satisfied, that’s when I’ll proceed with set-in-stone art work.


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