Production report 23

Here are the next pages that I’ve now completed:

Warbeast Battlefront 24-25

In addition here’s a self-report that was used for an internal crit regarding my project:

I started making this comic as part of my advanced professional practice before and my final major project is a continuation of this. When I complete my FMP my current plans are to combine it along with other past projects related to Obliteration to make a more complete preview comic to display for the graphic design exhibition. On the way I plan to use this project both as a portfolio piece for clients looking for an illustrator and also as a submission piece towards publishers who would be interested in seeing me complete my graphic novel.

The pages that I’ve been illustrating take place straight after the events of my APP comic:

where a recruit along with many more refugees from around the world have migrated to Britain to escape the Xikaeda Plague and are now fighting endlessly to protect Britain from the invasion. So our protagonist, Riley, has been assigned to join the recon division Warbeast Battlefront after failing to meet the military’s standards. These recon squads are typically¬†comprised of a mix of ex-soldiers, mercenaries, dare-devils and mis-fits who serve as cannon-fodder to the United Allied Federation.

I’m currently in the process of illustrating Riley meeting his new squad with intentions to flesh out the characters of the story.

I originally planned to stick with a schedule of creating 1 page per week but after realising that wouldn’t be enough time to complete what I had in mind I now have to pick up the pace and create 1 page a day or 2 at the most. Thankfully I’ve proved myself that this is possible after the recent pages I’ve made in the past few weeks, which I’ve achieved my exercising discipline to keep working and temporarily cutting down on hobbies & past-times.

As of now, a valuable creative skill that I’m taking from this project is learning to work at speed without compromising quality and I’ve personally discovered this by not necessarily decreasing the amount of time spent on my work, but by simply learning to exercise discipline to continue working for long periods. This in return will result in getting the job done in fewer days. I also think that the pressure of an upcoming deadline has also contributed to this.




  1. xKickz · May 15

    Wow it looks great! Visually popping!

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