Production report 24

Here’s my current progress of the following pages:


This is where a Russian soldier, Roza is introduced to Riley. In the Obliteration world, past wars were based around animal rights for prey species. Roza is a rat raised by step parents who were predator animals who live a simplistic life on principles based on survival of the fittest. Roza was brought up this way with the intentions of helping a classic prey animal stand up for themselves in a rough world. This segment is also hinting at the story’s attempt to explore themes of racism in a similar way it was explored in the movie Gran Torino.

Watching that movie for the first time was like a wake-up call for learning how to deal with racism by learning not to be so over-sensitive towards it and I am hoping that a later part of my story will teach others a similar lesson towards this topic.


In Obliteration, discrimination based on an animal’s species is regarded in the same way we regard racism. Their society however is going through a transitional stage where the use of all derogatory terms are being considered socially unacceptable in order to suit a growing diverse society, caused by the Xikaeda plague where surviving animals from all over the world have migrated to Britain. While the majority of the young generation welcomes this, ex-soldiers are still scarred by past conflicts causing them to struggle to adjust to this sudden change.

One of the fictional derogatory terms that are in Roza’s thoughts is intended to be explained later in the story.


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