Production report 26

Here’s the current progress of my next pages that I’m working on:


While Riley is meeting the most hardened character of the squad, Roza, we see a point of view of how she see’s him upon first impressions.

While the top panel reflects on Roza’s thoughts it’s also intended to exaggerate how older generations might negatively view my own modern generation, something that I was somewhat oblivious to until my early college years. Since the setting of Obliteration is loosely based on post-WW2, among a young generation that went to fight during the war and allow us to live the way we do today, it understandably gained the term of The Greatest Generation. Yet I made it a conscious decision to include a typical character that would have come from our own time period, along with many more individuals who were shaped by the government this way in an effort to create a more politically correct society. The downside to taking this move too far however is that many individuals have become less disciplined compared to their elders and has even resulted in discrimination against anyone who have different opinions, despite the fact that their new society is supposed to discourage discrimination of any sort. The squad that Riley is meeting however is under less influence by this yet they are still open minded enough to form a squad of former enemies but they still maintain a hardened, disciplined attitude when needed. Other than that, most of the members of Warbeast Battlefront have neutral to no political views.


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