Final major project- Submission preparation

A few days before the submission date of my FMP, I was fortunate enough to have found an alternative to submitting my project, by having it done in printed form as opposed to having it all digitally made into a PDF.

While benefiting from saving on printing expenses, I found some left over high quality printing paper along with an A4 portfolio to print out all my work and display with, this was enough to display both my FMP and ‘bomb projects’ into a compact package.



Among the ‘Bomb projects’ is one after my visit to Dungeness, where I made use of my photography to create a simple postcard.

I also found time to create a front cover with creative use of existing images that I’ve already used for this project. It may seem like cheating to copy+paste reused imagery, but even in existing DVD cover art for example, it’s not an uncommon sight for covers to use imagery from the movie itself to be edited into a cover design.

Obliteration preview cover

All of the main characters for Obliteration are soldiers of different nationalities and having them all together brings out a united, international potency which is highly appropriate for the story of Obliteration. I therefore knew that I wanted the cover to have all 6 characters on display in all their glory. I took inspiration from an older cover design I made for a much earlier project and The Expendables series DVD covers for this cover design.

obliteration cover design-01



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