Final Major Project evaluation

For my Final Major Project I created a continuation of my graphic novel which takes place straight after where my comic project for my Advanced Professional Practice ended. This has been successfully completed to a high standard and in comparison to my older projects I have definitely seen improvements with my illustration skills throughout this project. My personal most important take from this project is learning the importance of time organisation and exercising discipline to continue working at speed while maintaining high quality in order to meet the deadline.

In comparison to my brief I mentioned that I would be interested in creating concept art of my story in addition to my graphic novel if I had extra time. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case when I soon discovered that my production schedule of creating 1 page per week would not be fast enough to complete the whole comic. Unwilling to create an incomplete story I therefore decided to focus my attention on completing the graphic novel only. After upping my schedule from creating 1 page a week to 1 page every 2 days at the most I was able to complete my graphic novel within good time just before the deadline. I also initially had plans to save printing time and expenses by submitting this project as a PDF but after finding more unused, good quality printing paper and with time to spare before the deadline, I was able to print all of my work into an A4-sized portfolio, giving a considerable presentation boost to my final submission.

It was also interesting working alongside a script and the majority of the production process of this project involved illustrating everything that I’ve written into a graphic novel. This seems like an optional line of work that I could see myself getting into in the work world- where I could be working for a writer who has a vision for a story and wants an artist to help visualise it.

Overall, after learning the importance of work-discipline i.e. exercising the ability to work non-stop to meet a looming deadline, it has taught me the values of working to achieve what is technically possible under tight schedules. And in return for example, it has allowed me extra time to sort out preparations for the presentation of my work rather than having this stage all rushed at the last minute. This therefore will be a trait that will likely become extremely valuable when I find work as a designer after finishing education.

(Previous work from my APP project has also been included in the slideshow since my FMP continues directly after it.)


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