Peter Coates- Current creative career plans

Ever since I finished my course in studying graphic design I have been sending out CVs and portfolios to multiple positions that would suit everything I’ve learnt so far from BA Graphic Design. At the moment I have considered narrowing my search down to applying for apprenticeships and/or internships, because practically every vacancy that I apply for requires having previous experience in a creative position. This seems like a logical decision to make since I am just a graduate design student at the moment. With that said though there is a potential chance that I might get an apprenticeship at DemonSkinz, a company that specialises in vinyl printing that happens to be local in my area in Crowborough. They will apparently be searching in late September to early October this year.

Alongside taking up a creative profession of some sort to keep my funds up, I will continue working on my project Obliteration whenever I can, following my tutor’s advice to attend conventions to share my work there. Such an example that I intend to visit in September is a Comic Con location in Tonbridge:  Tonbridge Comic-Con

I also have plans to submit my work to Nobrow Press, a publishing agency that has published a book that I’ve read called Art Schooled, a graphic novel that I found rather relatable being a former art student myself. However in order to meet their submission guidelines I need to also complete a ‘best draft’ of my script along with a sample of my work.

So with that said, my current plans are to continue working on the script for Obliteration alongside applying for a design apprenticeship. Hopefully it won’t come down to it but if finding work in design is unsuccessful for whatever reason then I would at least like to find any sort of job that will be enough to keep my funds up and continue using everything I’ve learnt from my course to continue working on my book alongside it either way. And while I initially created this blog as part of the requirements for my graphic design course, I will continue using it for my personal benefit. I will therefore continue updating on anything related to creative work or Obliteration along the way whenever I can.


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