Updated story idea for Obliteration

I have recently been generating a new idea for the story of Obliteration to increase the significance of two characters that are yet to serve a bigger role: Van and Vanessa.

These characters were created by DeviantArt user ‘Sandwich-Anomaly’, who I have known on DeviantArt for a lengthy period of time. Being enthusiastic of his art style and characters, particularly of his arms-dealer cat guy ‘Van’ and of his fun-loving, gun-weilding cat girl ‘Vanessa’, he has allowed me to use these characters in Obliteration.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 22.43.25.png

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 23.18.46.png

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 23.52.05.png

Vanessa drawn in my style:

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 22.41.22.png

My sic-fi story is set in the year 2034 yet technology is equivalent to that of WW2. The reason for this is because the government has secretly been in control of the technological advancement among society while the government has secretly been working on a project that’s supposed to put an end to all world conflicts. So in secrecy, the government in Obliteration are already technologically advanced as we are today but no one else around the world knows about this, except for Van and Vanessa.

So as opposed to my original reasoning to include Van and Vanessa simply for the sake of having them make an appearance and assist my characters, I decided to have these characters as former secret workers of the government who have recently defected against them and went into hiding. But using their secret knowledge, they intend to use it for a better cause that will benefit mankind with less malevolence. However, ever since the Xikaeda Plague occurred, separate branches of the Xikaeda have been taking over these government facilities (sites around the world that are similar to Area 51 and secret projects such as HAARP) and the Xikaeda have been stealing some of their technology to assist them in the invasion and other personal needs. Most notably is modern weaponry for their infantry to compensate for the Xikaeda’s inexperience in creating firearms.
One of these secret sites is situated in a location that’s in reach of Warbeast Battlefront, which was also taken over by a Xikaeda unit that managed to get through Britain’s defensive wall. Vanessa is “captured” by the Xikaeda but this was actually part of the plan as it was the only way to get inside the facility to retrieve secret weapons and blueprints. As of now, with no one running the government’s secrets, Van plans to anonymously share some of these secret weapons with the military which will give the world the upper hand against the Xikaeda. Van also see’s Warbeast as the only friends he trusts so far that he’ll share his secrets with.

These secret weapons will also be in the hands of Warbeast Battlefront during the the part of the story where the large-scale counterattack will take place. These will include 3 fictional aircraft that will serve a major role in assisting the allied forces: An air superiority fighter ‘Valkyrie’ piloted by Sylvia, a helicopter gunship ‘Hailstorm’ piloted by Van and Vanessa, and an airborne fortress ‘Black Swan’ that will be manned by the rest of Warbeast with Claudia taking the lead.

A mix of experimental and existing vehicles to take inspiration from when I’ll design these fictional aircraft:

And inspiration for potential weapon designs:



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