New characters: Riley’s Squad

Riley's squad

I have now got around to designing the characters for Riley’s squad, soldiers of the United Allied Federation that Riley would have been part of if he wasn’t transferred to Warbeast. With assistance from my friend Tynam Jackson, the backstories of these characters are still a work-in-progress and once I finish that, I will introduce these characters in the story to continue the narrative where I left off so far.

Here’s some basic information of each character so far:

  • Kat and Kyril: Two sibling sharks who have recently joined the Federation after migrating from Poland to escape the Xikaeda. Kat was drafted and Kyril, her older, irresponsible brother, followed her into the military out of cowardice from fending for himself after being accustomed to freeloading off their recently deceased parents. Possessive of his sister, he takes a disliking towards Riley who Kat has a strong crush on.
  • Terry: An unappreciated American veteran from a bloody, previous conflict (fictional history that I’m still working on) who has struggled to make a living upon returning back to civilian life, only to return back to the battlefield once again at the dawn of the Xikaeda Plague. Having his traditional lifestyle interrupted by the progression of modern society in the past, he has developed a bitter hatred towards city life and modern technology.
  • Chloe: An orphaned, mute rabbit who migrated from Canada to escape the Xikaeda Plague and lied about her age to join the Federation. Despite Terry’s discriminate attitude towards other animals and constant rejections, she consistently tries to befriend Terry for reasons currently unknown.

WIP: Riley’s Squad 3

Riley's squad WIPRiley's squad WIPRiley's squad WIP

This project for showing the character designs for Riley’s Squad is near completion. I have now reached a point where I am now satisfied with the outcome of these new character designs. More information to be shared upon completion.

Design work exp/Potential work opportunity in Dubai

I have recently been fortunate enough to take up some graphic design work experience after getting in touch with a contact who has been friends with my family and is currently working along the line of event organisation in Dubai.

I am currently undertaking the tasks of designing logos for corporate events after we both agreed that these projects would make good additions to my portfolio. I have been asked to design logos for the following events:

  • Power cities in the Arab World
  • Villain Village
  • SOLAR Power
  • BeFit

So far I have been designing concepts for project BeFit;

BeFit sketchesbefit skecthes2

This design idea is currently being favoured the most:

BeFit sketches2-01

So my next task will be to develop this design into a higher resolution, vectorise the running illustration and after some recent feedback, include some colours of the flag of the United Arab Emirates.

There is also a chance of potential work opportunities in Dubai if this project turns out to be a success. This therefore gives me two possible paths in my design work- travelling to Dubai or taking up an apprenticeship for Demonskinz, the sign-making company that I mentioned previously. I do not know for sure yet if an apprenticeship at Demonskinz is definitely waiting for me but if not, then I would be more than happy to take the opportunity to travel to Dubai.

WIP: Riley’s Squad 2

Progression of my latest pic so far:

Riley's squad WIP

Riley's squad WIP

Some slight changes have been made during the development of these characters, one of which included Kat’s pose. Kat, along with the rest of the characters is being created in collaboration with my friend and general assistant Tynam Jackson and suggested that I changed her pose in order to avoid making her look too forward with her crush on Riley.


The designs for their uniforms will also be different in comparison to the outfits of my main characters because unlike the recon division Warbeast Battlefront, Riley’s squad is part of the main military known as the United Allied Federation. Therefore all of their soldiers will have uniform regulations. They currently wearing the basic variant of the Fed’s uniform, there are slight differences among other soldiers depending on what combat role they will be serving and where they stand in the ranks. These are yet to be designed.


WIP: Riley’s Squad

Among my main characters for Obliteration there is also Riley’s former squad, characters that are yet to appear in the story. I’m currently in the process of creating an image that’s intended to simply show off these character designs:

Riley's squad WIP

While the characters of Warbeast Battlefront serve as the recon division, the character’s of Riley’s squad serve as regular soldiers of the United Allied Federation. My current plans are to have them based within Britain’s defensive wall and as an aircrew who’s duty will be to rescue surviving pilots after attempted Xikaeda invasions.

More information will be shared about these characters upon completion.

In addition I have also been putting thought into the typical arsenal that a UAF soldier would be equipped with:

As usual, all weapons and vehicles in Obliteration will be loosely based off weapons that I’m currently sharing and will have alternative names, much like how certain games such as the GTA series feature weapons that are modelled after real ones but are given different names, usually due to licencing issues. So with that said, all images of weapons and vehicles shown in my blog posts are there for reference and inspiration for designs.


Updated story idea for Obliteration

I have recently been generating a new idea for the story of Obliteration to increase the significance of two characters that are yet to serve a bigger role: Van and Vanessa.

These characters were created by DeviantArt user ‘Sandwich-Anomaly’, who I have known on DeviantArt for a lengthy period of time. Being enthusiastic of his art style and characters, particularly of his arms-dealer cat guy ‘Van’ and of his fun-loving, gun-weilding cat girl ‘Vanessa’, he has allowed me to use these characters in Obliteration.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 22.43.25.png

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 23.18.46.png

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 23.52.05.png

Vanessa drawn in my style:

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 22.41.22.png

My sic-fi story is set in the year 2034 yet technology is equivalent to that of WW2. The reason for this is because the government has secretly been in control of the technological advancement among society while the government has secretly been working on a project that’s supposed to put an end to all world conflicts. So in secrecy, the government in Obliteration are already technologically advanced as we are today but no one else around the world knows about this, except for Van and Vanessa.

So as opposed to my original reasoning to include Van and Vanessa simply for the sake of having them make an appearance and assist my characters, I decided to have these characters as former secret workers of the government who have recently defected against them and went into hiding. But using their secret knowledge, they intend to use it for a better cause that will benefit mankind with less malevolence. However, ever since the Xikaeda Plague occurred, separate branches of the Xikaeda have been taking over these government facilities (sites around the world that are similar to Area 51 and secret projects such as HAARP) and the Xikaeda have been stealing some of their technology to assist them in the invasion and other personal needs. Most notably is modern weaponry for their infantry to compensate for the Xikaeda’s inexperience in creating firearms.
One of these secret sites is situated in a location that’s in reach of Warbeast Battlefront, which was also taken over by a Xikaeda unit that managed to get through Britain’s defensive wall. Vanessa is “captured” by the Xikaeda but this was actually part of the plan as it was the only way to get inside the facility to retrieve secret weapons and blueprints. As of now, with no one running the government’s secrets, Van plans to anonymously share some of these secret weapons with the military which will give the world the upper hand against the Xikaeda. Van also see’s Warbeast as the only friends he trusts so far that he’ll share his secrets with.

These secret weapons will also be in the hands of Warbeast Battlefront during the the part of the story where the large-scale counterattack will take place. These will include 3 fictional aircraft that will serve a major role in assisting the allied forces: An air superiority fighter ‘Valkyrie’ piloted by Sylvia, a helicopter gunship ‘Hailstorm’ piloted by Van and Vanessa, and an airborne fortress ‘Black Swan’ that will be manned by the rest of Warbeast with Claudia taking the lead.

A mix of experimental and existing vehicles to take inspiration from when I’ll design these fictional aircraft:

And inspiration for potential weapon designs:


Peter Coates- Current creative career plans

Ever since I finished my course in studying graphic design I have been sending out CVs and portfolios to multiple positions that would suit everything I’ve learnt so far from BA Graphic Design. At the moment I have considered narrowing my search down to applying for apprenticeships and/or internships, because practically every vacancy that I apply for requires having previous experience in a creative position. This seems like a logical decision to make since I am just a graduate design student at the moment. With that said though there is a potential chance that I might get an apprenticeship at DemonSkinz, a company that specialises in vinyl printing that happens to be local in my area in Crowborough. They will apparently be searching in late September to early October this year.

Alongside taking up a creative profession of some sort to keep my funds up, I will continue working on my project Obliteration whenever I can, following my tutor’s advice to attend conventions to share my work there. Such an example that I intend to visit in September is a Comic Con location in Tonbridge:  Tonbridge Comic-Con

I also have plans to submit my work to Nobrow Press, a publishing agency that has published a book that I’ve read called Art Schooled, a graphic novel that I found rather relatable being a former art student myself. However in order to meet their submission guidelines I need to also complete a ‘best draft’ of my script along with a sample of my work.

So with that said, my current plans are to continue working on the script for Obliteration alongside applying for a design apprenticeship. Hopefully it won’t come down to it but if finding work in design is unsuccessful for whatever reason then I would at least like to find any sort of job that will be enough to keep my funds up and continue using everything I’ve learnt from my course to continue working on my book alongside it either way. And while I initially created this blog as part of the requirements for my graphic design course, I will continue using it for my personal benefit. I will therefore continue updating on anything related to creative work or Obliteration along the way whenever I can.