Final Major Project: ‘Obliteration Preview’ Presentation

In addition to my evaluation, here is my closing summary and evaluative thoughts on the project during an after-completion presentation:

You are all likely aware by now that I want to specialise in illustration as my niche in graphic design. So for the past and present projects over this course I ave been using these assignments as opportunities to help create a start to a graphic novel project known as Obliteration.

Obliteration preview cover

So for my final major project I made a continuation of my graphic novel which takes place straight after where my APP ended. I organised a brief to work for a fictional writer looking for an illustrator to illustrate a piece of their script into a graphic novel and upon completing this project, I would intend to use it as a strong portfolio piece and to submit it to comic book publishers who would hopefully be interested in seeing me create a complete version of my story.

So the intended out come of this in terms of the story is to flesh out the main characters as I depict a fresh-faced recruit who has just been assigned to join a British-based, multinational recon division known as ‘Warbeast Battlefront’, after he migrates from America which has fallen to the extra-terrestrial invasion known as the Xikaeda Plague. The squad’s job is to survey the borders beyond the British airspace for incoming invasions to keep Britain safe as it can be.

In the past I had already scripted out the dialogue and settings so it was mostly a case of focusing my attention on the creative process of turning it into a graphic novel- This typically started from storyboarding the page layouts to eventually developing them into the fully rendered pages that you see now. To ensure that I wouldn’t miss the deadline I aimed to stick to a schedule of creating at least 1 page per week.

Alongside my FMP I was of course also assigned to these ‘bomb projects’. Starting with the Lightmaker project, I was assigned to conceptualise web design for the multiplayer game World of Tanks. The subject matter in itself was conveniently relevant to my own project since I have plans for the story to focus on tank warfare later on. So I thought I’d put work into this assignment in such a way that it would benefit both my client and my FMP. This is where I ended up using a fictional tank design that I created but have yet to use it for something until now. Since I did not have much experience in web design there would be no way that I would be able to create a functioning website, so I instead mocked up a fake screenshot of what it would look like if this was to be made into a real website.


My idea was to show emphasis on teamwork within the game by having a panning image of a tank driving through the battlefield while various roles of the tank crew are labelled around the vehicle. This is intended to give impending players incentive to play their role by playing the game when they visit this web page.


For my second bomb project I was assigned by Kent Sales Academy to help create branding for the group who intend to help teach students valuable skills in sales. Since this group is also abbreviated to KSA I thought I’d have a go at creating a logo which would reflect on this abbreviation. In the end I ended up designing concepts that blends all 3 letters into a single logo design, along with an upward arrow graphic within it to represent rising sales.

Kent sales academy branding-01

As for the last bomb project I was assigned to create something in response to our trip to Dungeness, during my first time visiting there I considered it to be the sort of remote place I’d like to escape to when I settle down. I also thought I’d use photographic opportunities to not only help me create a potential postcard for this project, but to also possibly give me photos that I could possibly use for my Obliteration project, either for the FMP or for something else in the future.


Getting back on topic with my FMP I continued creating my pages in accordance to my script and researching on relevant subject matter along the way, such as reference material for drawing certain content while continuing to add my own style to everything. I was successful at completing pages that I had envisioned but when it came down to just over a month left before the deadline, I soon learned that working along with my 1 page per week schedule would not be fast enough without cutting the story short. 

Not willing to accept that I continued pushing on by picking up the production pace from 1 page a week to 1 page a day or 2 at the most. Throughout this project it was evident that my drawing skills have been improving even while pushing myself to work faster. I personally achieved this by not necessarily spending less time on my drawings but by disciplining myself to keep working by ignoring distractions and temporarily cutting down on past-times. 

This in return has taught me the values of time-management and self-discipline to keep working non-stop to achieve what is technically possible in order to meet a deadline. That, and I personally think that the pressure of a looming deadline has also contributed to motivating to work as hard as I could.

In addition I personally think that my overall illustration style might have benefitted to helping me work at a fast pace. For example, I think this project would’ve taken longer if I was attempting to illustrate everything in the style of photorealism, but my character designs all have a cartoony look to them meaning that I don’t have to worry about putting in extra hours to ensure that minute details and anatomy are up to a realistic standard. 

Warbeast Battlefront 22-23

That said though, anatomy of cartoon characters doesn’t need to be realistic but I still think they need to at least be believable to a reasonable extent depending on what kind of illustration style you’re trying to achieve. I think I can thank everything I’ve picked up from life drawing sessions in art & design and my overall habits of drawing on a regular basis which most likely has gradually improved my drawing style.

Now for the submitted version of my final major project, I printed all of my work to be presented into an A4 portfolio. I did this in accordance to the rules of not being able to combine it with work that I have already done before, everything has to be brand-new. This however has not currently halted my plans to print out proper comic book prints that is set to include not only everything I’ve done for my FMP but also everything that I’ve done for my APP and my FMP from last year. 

All this combined will create a complete preview graphic novel for my story that I have initially envisioned before, and I saw an opportunity to create this complete version of my preview comic to be displayed for the upcoming show. As of now, my complete preview comic is currently in the process of being printed and delivered for me. 

So to recap on my personal take from this project- understanding the values of time-management and self discipline to keep working for extended periods in order to meet the deadline. These I think are 2 valuable traits that I think will become especially important once I leave education and specialise in designing within the work world. And also the importance of practicing on a regular basis to keep my illustration style up to a high standard or even surpass it.

Other than that, my future plans for this project are to send my preview comic to graphic novel publishers who would hopefully be interested seeing me complete my graphic novel, or even attend conventions where I could somehow share it. Regardless of whether or not people would be interested it is still highly likely that I will still continue this project until it’s completed anyway.  In addition I am also aiming to jump into employment related to illustration as well as being open to other options such as storyboarding or a full-time graphic designer. 

With all that’s said and done I am now open to any questions or comments and along the way I would also like to give my thanks to my tutors and everyone else who has been helpful to me throughout this course. 


Final Major Project evaluation

For my Final Major Project I created a continuation of my graphic novel which takes place straight after where my comic project for my Advanced Professional Practice ended. This has been successfully completed to a high standard and in comparison to my older projects I have definitely seen improvements with my illustration skills throughout this project. My personal most important take from this project is learning the importance of time organisation and exercising discipline to continue working at speed while maintaining high quality in order to meet the deadline.

In comparison to my brief I mentioned that I would be interested in creating concept art of my story in addition to my graphic novel if I had extra time. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case when I soon discovered that my production schedule of creating 1 page per week would not be fast enough to complete the whole comic. Unwilling to create an incomplete story I therefore decided to focus my attention on completing the graphic novel only. After upping my schedule from creating 1 page a week to 1 page every 2 days at the most I was able to complete my graphic novel within good time just before the deadline. I also initially had plans to save printing time and expenses by submitting this project as a PDF but after finding more unused, good quality printing paper and with time to spare before the deadline, I was able to print all of my work into an A4-sized portfolio, giving a considerable presentation boost to my final submission.

It was also interesting working alongside a script and the majority of the production process of this project involved illustrating everything that I’ve written into a graphic novel. This seems like an optional line of work that I could see myself getting into in the work world- where I could be working for a writer who has a vision for a story and wants an artist to help visualise it.

Overall, after learning the importance of work-discipline i.e. exercising the ability to work non-stop to meet a looming deadline, it has taught me the values of working to achieve what is technically possible under tight schedules. And in return for example, it has allowed me extra time to sort out preparations for the presentation of my work rather than having this stage all rushed at the last minute. This therefore will be a trait that will likely become extremely valuable when I find work as a designer after finishing education.

(Previous work from my APP project has also been included in the slideshow since my FMP continues directly after it.)

Final major project- Submission preparation

A few days before the submission date of my FMP, I was fortunate enough to have found an alternative to submitting my project, by having it done in printed form as opposed to having it all digitally made into a PDF.

While benefiting from saving on printing expenses, I found some left over high quality printing paper along with an A4 portfolio to print out all my work and display with, this was enough to display both my FMP and ‘bomb projects’ into a compact package.



Among the ‘Bomb projects’ is one after my visit to Dungeness, where I made use of my photography to create a simple postcard.

I also found time to create a front cover with creative use of existing images that I’ve already used for this project. It may seem like cheating to copy+paste reused imagery, but even in existing DVD cover art for example, it’s not an uncommon sight for covers to use imagery from the movie itself to be edited into a cover design.

Obliteration preview cover

All of the main characters for Obliteration are soldiers of different nationalities and having them all together brings out a united, international potency which is highly appropriate for the story of Obliteration. I therefore knew that I wanted the cover to have all 6 characters on display in all their glory. I took inspiration from an older cover design I made for a much earlier project and The Expendables series DVD covers for this cover design.

obliteration cover design-01


Production report 30

I have now currently completed the last pages for my project:


My current plans now are to turn these pages into a PDF for submission. I will also have printed copies of this ready for the show, combined with previous works to create a more complete preview of Obliteration.


Production report 28

Here’s my current progress of my next pages:

This character Sylvia is the last character to be introduced to Riley and is also to be Riley’s love interest throughout the rest of the story. Sylvia currently has the least dialogue due to her shy and reserved mannerisms at the start of the story, until she gets to know Riley better.


Production report 27

My next double-page completed:

I also decided to change the text from “Men today” to “Animals these days” as it was suggested by a few that the character Roza might be giving feminists a bad reputation. I therefore thought that using the word ‘animals’ would be more neutral plus more relevant to their own world since it would be more common to refer to each other as animals rather than people.